T-Shirt Orders!!!

School t-shirt orders are ready to be taken, and only available once a year. If you are a student, client, friend, family member, or a wonderful supporter of my work, be sure to get your t-shirt and share. Order and Payment Deadline: Nov 15, 2019Cost: $20Regular Cut: xs - 4xlWomen's Cut: xs - 3xlThese are… Continue reading T-Shirt Orders!!!


Workshop: Five Animal Qigong

Register Here Qigong emphasizes slow/gentle movements to promote general well-being. Participants often describe benefits such as: lessened anxiety, ease of joint/muscular pain, and improved mental clarity.Five Animal Qigong is a popular qigong set which focuses on the 5 yin organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys) which are vital to good health. Typically more dynamic,… Continue reading Workshop: Five Animal Qigong


Holiday Class

Time for the Annual Holiday Class. We had a great time last year as students from across all classes were able to meet one another and practice together. This year will be much the same. - We'll start with 30 minutes of  qigong / taijiquan set to live cello music. - Everyone will have the… Continue reading Holiday Class

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Great Intro To Tai Chi and Qigong Workshop

What a fun group of students, especially during the push hands component.   We learned the difference between 'taijiquan' and 'qigong', practiced a qigong exercise set, learned how to center and neutralize during our push hand play, and began practicing the first two movements of taijiquan Form 24.  Busy night! No worries, you don't have… Continue reading Great Intro To Tai Chi and Qigong Workshop