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Private Instruction ($30/hr) (schedule online)Yin Yoga & Qigong:  develop and refine your personalized yoga or qigong practice, meeting your specific needs (general health, specific symptoms, performance)Taijiquan:  Refine your practice with specific feedback and guidance as you practice and learn new pieces of form 24 or classical yang taijiquan.

Distance Medical Qigong Healing ($50/hr) (schedule online)This is a practice that I’ve worked with during my medical qigong training but have yet to add professionally.  During a session, via phone, we will discuss your needs/symptoms/goals, then upon ending the phone call, you will rest in the comfort of your home for the remaining hour as I administer a medical qigong session from my office.This is as far removed from a structural integration session as you can get, but I can assure you, through my time practicing this work, I’ve seen physical results.