Stay Up-To-Date

Over the next few weeks, there will be a handful of class changes due to holidays, trainings and workshops. Here are a few options to insure you never miss a change.

  1. Register for each class. You will receive a direct email if anything changes.
  2. Sign-up to the blog at RedRoseQigong.com. Simply type your email where it says “Enter Email to Subscribe”, then click “Subscribe”. You will receive a direct email with any new updates.
  3. Double check class availability. Before arriving to class, look at the schedule to see if anything has changed.

All that being said, here are a few cancellations over the next few weeks:
Wed, May 15th — Qigong
Mon, May 20th — Stretch
Mon, May 27th — Stretch
Wed, Jun 5th — Qigong

There are a lot of exciting changes taking place. Stay informed. Get started. See you soon!

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