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First Friday Push Hands

Temporarily postponed.
If you have interest in this class, reach out to me or comment below. We’ll restart the class as interest grows. Thanks!

‘First Friday Taijiquan Push Hands‘ starts this coming January 4th.

Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese art of relaxation, healing and self-defense. Through partner work, taijiquan push hands helps us learn and practice the concepts of taijiquan, thereby improving health, awareness and sensitivity. For instance, the energy known as ‘sticking’, requires soft and supple muscle contraction allowing participants to effectively counter their opponent. As a result, the taijiquan student learns to regulate their own body tension. Consequently, this leads to less muscle strain and reduced pain.

The gathering is meant to be a friendly and safe environment to learn and practice taijiquan push hands principles. This class is free and open to anyone, no experience necessary. If you’re curious about taijiquan for healing or martial arts, this is a great way to learn more. Check it out.

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