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What to expect… from a Medical Qigong Session

Medical Qigong is one of several branches in Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal prescriptions and massage.  As with other branches, medical qigong works to restore the body’s natural balance and allow healing from within.

The treatment begins with a general discussion of your goals for the session, which may include:  specific symptoms (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) or general well-being.  For most of the session you will rest comfortably while your practitioner applies a variety of qi manipulations.  In Medical Qigong, there is limited need for physical contact, so you will remain fully dressed.

Dysfunctions in the body occur due to stagnant, depleted or blocked qi.  Through hand movements, intention and sound projection, your practitioner is able to purge, tonify and regulate your body’s energy back to a normal state.  As the body returns to balance, symptoms often resolve naturally.

When your session is complete, we will talk through any discoveries and answer questions that may arise during the session.  You will also receive instruction of one or two qigong exercises designed to reinforce you medical qigong session.

Most patients report a greater sense of well-being, symptomatic relief and in some cases profound purging of toxic energy.

Medical Qigong is a safe, non-invasive approach to wellness which allows your body’s natural healing abilities to take place.  Schedule a session today or connect with me if you have specific questions.

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