Holiday Class

Time for the Annual Holiday Class. We had a great time last year as students from across all classes were able to meet one another and practice together. This year will be much the same.

– We’ll start with 30 minutes of  qigong / taijiquan set to live cello music.
– Everyone will have the opportunity to experience Taiji push hands (no worries, it’s fun and safe!).
– Also, if I can talk my senior students into it, we’ll have a taijiquan demo of form 24.
– I would also like to end with a family photo for 2018.
– There will be light refreshments after, so hang around and see what everyone is up to.

If you have attended any 2018 class or workshop, please plan to attend… Thursday, Nov 29th, 6:30pm – 7:30pm. It’ll be a full class, so please register ahead of time. Thanks!

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